CUB Inflatable Birth Stool


The Comfortable, Upright Birth – aka CUB – is an inflatable birth support that provides all of the advantages of an active labour and upright position for birth, including squatting, kneeling, and forward leaning.

Lightweight, easy to use, clean and store, the CUB is the modern version of the traditional birthing stool. You can use it in various positions for labouring and birthing.

Research has shown that upright positions can make labour shorter and giving birth easier, as well as reducing the risks of complications during birth.
Advantages of birthing in an upright position include:

  • 55% less chance of your baby becoming stressed during labour
  • 33% increase of the space available within the pelvis
  • 21% less likely to need a cut in your perineum (episiotomy)
  • 23% less chance of needing medical assistance, e.g. forceps
  • 29% less likely to need an emergency caesarean section

Rental fee includes R100 refundable breakages deposit.

Rental duration: 4 weeks.


  • CUB
  • Air pump to inflate
  • User manual
  • Carry bag

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Weight4 kg


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